The Ugly Docling

Thank you for joining me on my adventures in medicine! Working in hospitals, I’ve seen humanity at its worst and at its best. I’ve been bled on, peed on, puked on. I’ve delivered babies, prevented suicides, even “cured” cancer. Through it all, I have learned how to tend to the suffering—with competence and confidence, but most of all with compassion.

I launched this blog when I was a medical student at the University of Nevada. As I rotated through the clinical services, I began telling a few inspirational stories of the brave and resilient patients I met. I didn’t anticipate that my writing would reach beyond my own circle of friends and family, but I gained an audience from all over the world! As my readers broadened my perspective and encouraged me to continually seek these valuable lessons, writing has blossomed into a passion that has shaped my whole practice of medicine. I feel that this is one small way I can help bring doctors closer to the society we serve. During my senior year of medical school, these essays culminated in the publication of my first book, Tales of an Ugly Docling.

A lot has changed in six years! I have since completed my Internal Medicine internship at the University of Nevada, Radiology residency at Dartmouth, and Neuroradiology fellowship at the Barrow Neurological Institute. I have just started my first real job as a neuroradiologist in my hometown of Reno, Nevada, where I am able to give back to my alma mater and pursue my passion for teaching.

Over the course of my medical training, my husband and I have endured (and thrived!) through a decade of marriage. He has completed a Master’s degree in Medieval History at the University of Glasgow, worked in Beijing for a season, and founded Historical European Martial Arts academies in two states. During my first and fourth years of residency, we welcomed two sons into our family. In the coming months, I will have much to share about our experiences balancing a marriage, pregnancies, and family during medical training.

As I am no longer a “docling,” but medical education remains close to my heart, the focus of this blog will shift to educational resources and advocacy for students and residents. I will try to provide wisdom, perspective, mentorship, and hope for those still progressing along the journey. Feel free to send me any questions or suggestions for future discussion. I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “The Ugly Docling

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your insightful blog regarding your choice of radiology as a specialty. In that blog you meantioned a radiology textbook of sorts that was the best you read in medical school. I wondered if you could share the title/author.

    Much obliged.

    • Hi Holley,
      This book was Lucy Squire’s Fundamentals of Radiology. It’s an old-school book that they happened to have a beaten-up copy of in the reading room bookshelf, no doubt from when the guys in private practice were in residency. The fact that I liked it probably had more to do with my interest in the subject matter. I kind of don’t recommend starting there, as there are much better resources for beginning Radiology nowadays. 🙂

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